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Toss the Turtle on Sodapoppin

2015-12-12 16:04:31 by Foreverkul
Updated @ 20 min

Toss the Turtle

2009-08-17 23:11:54 by Foreverkul

Want this game on your website? Email me kul_dg[a]

Questions, comments, glitches? Post here!
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MEDALS AND SAVING WORKS if they do not work for you I cannot help.

Q: Where are my medals?!
A: I do not control the medals, if they don't work, I can't do anything.

Q: My game isn't saving!
A: Your browser might not allow it to be saved, otherwise I can't help you.

Q: Where is banana/jeep/sun/UFO?
A: All obstacles appear randomly, and it is possible to get all of them, it will just take time.

Q: Why did the screen go grey except for the corner?
A: It is a glitch with the NG Ad system, refreshing the page will fix it. The next Update will fix this.

Q: I can bounce up to 183ft every time!
A: Another glitch that will be fixed in the next Update.

Toss the Turtle

Programmer Here

2009-05-15 16:48:21 by Foreverkul

I'm a programmer interested in the Power of Three.
Looking for possible teammates at the moment.
My main concern is someone reliable and truly committed to making this game, and they are easy to contact preferably through AIM or MSN.
If you think you are a good artist that can produce enough art for a game, please leave a message, probably link to your best art (preferably NOT in a collab).
If you're a musician, you could post but the position will likely depend on who I will team up with.

If you're unsure of my abilities displayed in my profile, I could provide you a portfolio of more recent programming ventures (they won't have good art of course)

So as of now, I'm just looking, and I can't join everyone's group. Right now I'm communicating with Zombie-Pimp as a possible artist.

Good luck everyone!

Note: Tom has said you can work in more than one group, so it MAY be possible that I'll work with more than one group!

Its Dr. Seuss Birthday!

2009-03-02 02:54:34 by Foreverkul

Dr Seuss is awesome.

He's made some of my favorite books! His stories are fantastic and contain so many wonderful elements from made up animals to overly complex machines. I have yet to read all his books but I've liked every one I've read! From the Fox in Socks, the Lorax, the Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs in Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, such wonderful stories excite the imagination and stimulate the senses. Such short but epic tales are rarely written, and written so well, and so the good doctor should receive due credit!

I wish I would have remembered this year as to make a tribute, but alas, it popped up so quick. Perhaps we should have an event for Seuss since I'm sure hes brought a smile to many of your faces now and when you were a child!

Its Dr. Seuss Birthday!

Murray Missile Mayhem

2009-01-14 02:59:21 by Foreverkul

I thought this should get a bit more attention.

Bill Murray's Missile Mayhem

I would also check out pokemans for a quick laugh.

Murray Missile Mayhem

New Games!

2008-08-03 18:16:55 by Foreverkul

Check out Triangulate, try and get the lowest score in the fewest moves and as fast as possible.

Also take a gander at
because its just plain fun!

New Games!

Check out my newest game! Featuring awesome music by Songs To Wear Pants To!

Post Madness Report

2007-09-26 10:05:30 by Foreverkul

Post Madness Report
Well, my new game Madness Infinite seems to have gotten some positive feed back even though its pretty glitchy and not completed. I will consider continuing this project.
Do you think I should continue? And if so, what do you think I should add that I might not think to add? (Blood, Guns, etc.)

Madness Day? Madness?

2007-09-05 00:25:48 by Foreverkul

Well, I'm, thinking of making a game for Madness Day, no guarantees though. Lots of other stuff to work on. If I do get to make this, it will be a game and have nearly all the weapons from various Madness movies. It will have same basic enemies, but major enemies will be completely original. It will look pretty much like the movies, but you're the guy killing the hordes of unfortunate plebs (lol). If I get positive feed back on this idea, I'll probably have more motivation to do this. I also need to get an avatar...

Btw, no 300 jokes...

Madness Day? Madness?

First Post

2007-08-13 18:20:26 by Foreverkul

First Post
I wonder if anyone actually looks at my profile?

First Post